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1968-1969 15th Drama Desk Awards

Beginning this year the Drama Desk included both Broadway and Off-Broadway shows for consideration.

Outstanding Performers James Earl Jones (The Great White Hope)
Jane Alexander (The Great White Hope)
Al Pacino (Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie?)
  James Coco (Next)
  Alec McCowen (Hadrian VII)
Donald Pleasence (The Man in the Glass Booth)
Nicol Williamson (Hamlet )
Ron O'Neal (No Place To Be Somebody)
  Joseph Wiseman (In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer)
Marian Mercer (Promises, Promises)
  Bernadette Peters (Dames at Sea)
  Dustin Hoffman (Jimmy Shine)
  Dorothy Loudon (The Fig Leaves are Falling)
  Nathan George (No Place to be Somebody)
  Linda Lavin (Little Murders)
  Ron Leibman (We Bombed in New Haven)
  Douglas Truner Ward (Ceremonies in Dark Old Men)
  Jerry Orbach (Promises, Promises)
  Brian Bedford (The Misanthrope)
  Frank Langella (A Cry of Players)
Outstanding Directors Edwin Sherin (The Great White Hope)
  Gordon Davidson (In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer)
  Neal Kenyon (Dames at Sea)
  Alan Arkin (Little Murders)
  Michael A. Schultz (Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie?)
Outstanding Music Al Carmines (Peace)
Burt Bacharach (Promises, Promises)
Outstanding Lyrics George Haimoshn, Robin Miller (Dames at Sea)
Fred Ebb (Zorba)
Outstanding Book Peter Stone (1776)
Outstanding Choreography Grover Dale (Billy)
Outstanding Set Design Tanya Moiseiwitsch (The House of Atreus)
Patricia Zipprodt (1776 / Zorba)
Most Promising Playwrights Charles Gordone (No Place to be Somebody)
  Lonnie Elder III (Ceremonies in Dark Old Men)
Elaine May (Adaptation)
Vernon Rice Awards Joseph Chaikin


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